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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to you all! May Gods blessings touch, heal and change each one of us for the better. At this time of the year many of us suffer from some sadness, regrets, loneliness or depression. If you know some one who needs a boost, reach out to them with a call, visit or some comfort food. I wish a… Read more »


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When I was young , up to 17 years old roughly, we lived off the grid. Now a days thats cool or something to strive for and some think its a brand new idea. There was a time where for most people there was no grid. We didnt live that way because we wanted to but because it was all… Read more »


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Minimizer has two new promotions that you should check out! The prizes are awesome – a 2017 Limited Edition Jack Daniels Indian Motorcycle and a Bandit Big Rig Series race-ready truck! For details, go to

#RUGGEDSTORIES NO.2: Meet The Original ‘Ice Road Trucker’ Alex Debogorski

Job title: Ice road trucker and gold prospector Age: 62 Working Locations: North West Territories, Canada and Alaska. Hazards of the job: Blizzards, whiteouts, -40ºC, falling through ice. Favourite app: None: “I just want to make a phone call.” Tell us about your job I don’t have a job. I’m just entertaining myself until the coffin’s built! I drive trucks. I work on the ice… Read more »

New hospital won’t make us healthy

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The trees have been removed and the rock is being blasted. The new hospital is on its way to being built. The old hospital, which is fairly new when compared to other hospitals in North America, was built by the government. The government couldn’t afford to build the new hospital so has involved the private sector as partners to build… Read more »