July 2019

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Who wouldn’t love this tool box manufactured by Minimizer?  Rust-proof, weather-resistant and a lifetime warranty??  Sign me up!

Minimizer Seats

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I put a Minimizer Seat in my truck two years ago and wouldn’t change a thing!

Minimizer Floor Mats

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Check out these pics of a set of Minimizer Floor Mats paired with their Long Haul Series Seat!  I’ve got both these products in my truck and love them!

Minimizer Mattress

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I have this mattress in my truck and it’s incredible

March 2019

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Story time!  You’ll want to turn up the volume for this one.  🙂  


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I’ve been driving a long time and I’ve never seen fenders like the Minimizer liquid platium fenders on my truck. Not only do they look good but they stand up to everything on the road.

December – Long Haul Series Seat

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The very first Minimizer product I ever tried was their Long Haul Series Seat.  You might say I like it.  😉

November – Minimizer Mattress

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I have the (@TAG)Minimizer mattress in my truck and it feels like I’m sleeping at home!  #BackSaver #Minimizer  #TruckMattress  #Trucking  

August – Fenders

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With decades of experience, I can tell you these are the best fenders I’ve found.  No doubt about it.

July Minimizer

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People have asked me which Minimizer seat feature is my favorite, so rather than type a bunch of responses, here’s a one-click answer.  🙂 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ywfx8ygp1qx3kfc/Alex%20Debogorski%20on%20Minimizer%20Seats%20#2.mov?dl=0